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Louisiana’s Design System

What’s in Pelican?

Pelican is a design system. It has user experience guidance and reusable code patterns for creating easy-to-use, standardized digital products for Louisiana’s people.


Pelican is built on small parts working together. These parts are explained so all projects can build upon Pelican successfully.

Learn how it works


Louisiana wants to serve all of its citizens and residents. Anyone should be able to use Louisiana’s digital products to complete their tasks.

Build for access


Don’t rebuild every time you need something. Start with common user interface items which solve common problems.

Get the code

What’s a design system?

Design systems provide solutions to common problems digital teams face. They combine UX principles, interface components, and code. Teams work faster, design better, and focus on new problems instead of old ones.

Consistent user experiences

Services and products that use the design system feel the same, even when they have their own identity. This puts the focus on what Louisianians need to do.

Shared vocabulary

A common language for components, patterns, and conventions increases collaboration within and across teams.

Leverage best practices

Pelican uses tried-and-true best practices and allows other teams to use them. it uses industry standards, academic research, and government regulations.

Effective resource usage

With common problems already solved, designers and developers can speed through the basics, doing more with less time and budget.

Start using Pelican now.

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